Facebook Sorry Its Autocomplete Suggested Users Search for Child Porn Videos

Facebook is apologising after multiple users were served disturbing autocomplete suggestions of children performing sex acts Thursday night. Facebook seemingly issued a fix as the same search terms no longer return the results as of Friday morning. Late Thursday night, conservative reporter and graduate student Jonah Bennett asked followers to post their results when typing […]

Rotten ideas

Plastic is one of the world’s favourite packaging materials – it’s cheap, practical and hard wearing. But its durability is part of the problem. Plastic pollution is now a huge issue and consumers are increasingly demanding greener alternatives. So how are companies responding to the pressure? From chocolate biscuits to toothpaste, razors to cigarettes, low-cost […]

Visual effects behind Thor: Ragnarok

See Also : The Technology Behind Valkyrie’s Flashback in Thor … When Loki creates a psychic link between himself and Valkyrie during Taikia Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok , he’s given the briefest glimpse into the warrior’s past. He witnesses the time when she and all of Asgard’s other Valkyries fell in battle against Hela. Though the […]

Model citizens

Imagine if everything you did on Facebook or Twitter counted towards a government-imposed ‘citizen score’. All your online behaviour would be analysed and assessed to come up with a measure of your online reputation, character and trustworthiness. This could then be used by employers to decide whether to offer you a job, by banks to […]