Sounds of a real 'volcanic thunder' recorded for the first time – Listen

New Delhi: In a first, scientists have managed to capture an audio recording of a phenomenon called ‘volcanic thunder’. People who have witnessed a volcanic blow before have recalled hearing a thunder-like boom, however, it was difficult for scientists to distinguish those sounds amidst the rest of the din, since volcanic eruptions are really loud, […]

Scientific community pays tribute to Stephen Hawking: ‘He was an inspiring figure, people were just in awe of him’

For the last three decades, Stephen Hawking, a British theoretical physicist and cosmologist, who died today aged 76, was the best identified, and possibly the most admired, scientist in the world. (Source: AP) It was not without reason that he was compared to Albert Einstein. Rarely do scientists become as famous as he did, even […]

eSense Introduces the revolutionary TOUCH – Your Digital School Diary App

eSense introduces a new and one-of-its-kind app Touch- Your Digital School dairy. The app has been developed based on research that proved communication gap between teachers and parents. Touch app fills this gap. Touch app is a breakthrough development that would integrate the school diary for students, teachers and principals alike. The app enables one-way […]

iCubesWire launches Delta, A Digital Marketing Suite for Marketers

iCubesWire recently announced the launch of ‘Delta’, a digital marketing suite for marketers. The product aims to solve the biggest challenge for digital marketers – providing one platform for entire digital marketing spectrum. With Delta, a SaaS-based engine, a single login is required to access the dashboard which chronicles all digital marketing reports and data […]

Out-of-control Chinese space station photographed as it plunges towards Earth – See pic

New Delhi: The out-of-control Chinese space station, Tiangong-1, has been photographed charging towards Earth by an astronomer, in what could be the last glimpse of the broken spacecraft. The space station which went out of control in 2016 can be seen as a thin white streak of light passing some of the brightest known constellations. […]

This is where analysts believe the Chinese space lab will crash-land – Read

New Delhi: Analysts have claimed that Tiangong-1 could smash into the American state of Michigan on April 3, according to a report in The Chinese space lab – Tiangong-1 – has been making headlines since 2016, when scientists at China’s CNSA space agency admitted to having lost control of the lab, saying that it […]